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    Input voltage / MicroUSB input current: 5 V / 2 A Type-C: 5V / 3A USB output voltage / current output: 5V / 2.1A Type-C: 5V / 3A QI output 5V / 1A 10000 mAh battery capacity Dimensions 145.76 x 75 x 16 mm
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    Wireless charger
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    1. Charger 2. USB-microUSB wire
  • Wireless Charger Series:
    iStar Wireless Charger Power Bank 10000mAh


Nillkin iStar Wireless Charger Power Bank

Nillkin iStar wireless charger power bank, 10000mAh battery, supports 3A(MAX) charging; processed by UV, good touch feeling. Smart wireless charging. Compatible with all QI enabled devices. Without the need to fuss with a cable. Multi-port design, support normal USB output and Micro input. Additional reversible Type-C port. Built-in magnet. Conveniently charges on contact.

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